Addicted Pampering You – Chapter 1

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Addicted Pampering You: The Misterious Pampered Wife of The Military Ye

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Chapter 1 – Blind date, at the first sight 1

In the hot summer day, the sun was out in a full burst to roast the earth. The pedestrians on the sidewalk became so pitiful, every one of them were in hurry to get off from it.

In front of a western restaurant in Jingcheng District*, a bus slowly stopped by the sidewalk, the door opened, a girl came down, with an oval face, beautiful shaped eyebrows, clear like doe eyes and, and very long eyelashes that trembled gently. It was a pair of eyes that were unforgettable.
(*: its like an urban district/ downtown of a town?)

The girl’s facial features were very exquisite, her skin was fair, and the long hair was tied into a clean ponytail, revealing an elegant white neck. She was wearing a white short-sleeved dress, made her to look very youthful, and pure, especially with those pair of eyes, and also a smile that so gorgeous and stunning, but at that moment, there was only calmness on the face.

As the girl got off the bus, the heat hit one in the face*. But she didn’t seem to feel anything and went straight to the restaurant.
(*Idiom: like directly assault the sense of the body)

At the entrance of the restaurant, the girl in a pink dress saw her, and her eyes lit up and rushed over to her.

“QingLan, you are finally here, I thought you were going to let me go.”

Shen QingLan’s body was slightly leaning on one side, and the girl rushed to pounce at her, fortunately it didn’t become an accident as QingLan quickly stabilized her body. Clearly knew this would happen.

“Sorry, something happened just as i step out.” Shen QingLan lips faintly opened, and a soothing and clear voice came out.

Yu XiaoXuan repeatedly waved her hands. “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, it’s okay as long as you can come, you know I’m just turn 21 years-old, and my mom already arrange me to a blind date. Is she already fear that i wouldn’t get married? If it’s not because you agree to come, i definitely wouldn’t come here.”

While she was still talking, she followed Shen QingLan into the restaurant.

“Where did that man was sitting again, and how will we find him? This person really, we can’t find him in this small place, how about in a bigger restaurant, let me try to find a way.” As they were walking inside the restaurant, Yu XiaoXuan started to look in all direction* while her small pout lips muttered softly.
(*Idiom: looking all around the place)

Shen QingLan who seemed to have been accustomed to Yu XiaoXuan antics, and ignored all her chatter. She looked around the place, and finally stopped in one direction and started walk towards it.

Yu XiaoXuan who was still muttering something, when she turned around she found that Shen QingLan already left her, so she quickly followed her.

Walking halfway, Shen QingLan inadvertently looked away, her gaze met with a pair of clear looking eyes. Its bright looking pupil stopped slightly, but as if nothing happened, it’s regain back its line of sights, not to glance side ways*, and directly went straight pass.
(*Idiom: to be fully concentrate again)

In the middle of the restaurant, there sat a man in a suit, and he looked up at the watch on his wrist from time to time. His expression was obviously full of impatient.

Just when he was considering whether to leave or not, a shadow came covering his line of sight.

The man subconsciously looked up, and there was a beautiful delicate looking face. He blankly stared at the face, his eyes looked full of surprises.

“Wei Lin?” Shen QingLan faintly opened her lips.

The man’s face full of smile, his feeling of impatient had gone quickly. “Yes, I’m Wei Lin, you’re Miss Yu, right? Hello.” Said him as he extended his hand as an offering to shake her hand.

Shen QingLan didn’t reach out, but slightly moved sideways, pointing to Yu XiaoXuan who was behind her and said: “You greet the wrong person, this is Yu XiaoXuan, I am only her friend.”

Wei Lin became a little embarrassed, his eyes moved to Yu XiaoXuan, looking at girl in a pink dress, who had nothing special to look at, the smile on his face a little faded away.

“Miss Yu, hello.” Yu XiaoXuan didn’t return to shake his hand, but only smiled politely.

“I wonder what this lady called then?” Wei Lin’s eyes stared at Shen QingLan, and the amazement in his eyes didn’t mask.

Shen QingLan looked undisturbed. “You can call me Miss Shen.”

Seeing Shen QingLan’s coldness, Wei Lin didn’t continue to ask.

“The restaurant’s cold steak is very good. Do you want to try it?” Wei Lin took the menu and consulted it to Yu XiaoXuan and Shen QingLan.

“We’re not picky eaters, so Mr. Wei can freely choose it.” Knowing that Shen QingLan didn’t like to deal with this kind of situation, Yu XiaoXuan took the initiative to speak.

Wei Lin smiled, didn’t mind it, and ordered the dishes.

“I heard that Miss Yu is still a student?” Wei Lin took the initiative to speak. Although he asked Yu XiaoXuan, his eyes remained on Shen QingLan.

He was a high-ranking white-collar worker with good income. His had a handsome face, and his family conditions were not bad. Naturally, he had no shortage of female friends. He had seen many beautiful women, but to see such a beauty like Shen QingLan was the first time for him. Coupled with Shen QingLan’s cold personality, naturally excited his interest.

“That’s right.” Yu XiaoXuan replied, somewhat perfunctory, she didn’t interest in this man, today if not because her mother forced her to come, she would not come.

“Miss Shen and Miss Yu are schoolmate?”

“Yeah, she is my schoolmate.” But Yu XiaoXuan didn’t say that they were roommates, because she had already seen it. This Wei Lin took a fancy upon QingLan, although he didn’t show it openly, his words always secretly searched information on QingLan.

She knew that QingLan was very impatient to deal with this kind of man, and she felt a bit apologetic towards her to include her in this situation.


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10 thoughts on “Addicted Pampering You – Chapter 1

  1. This friend… I like it! She doesn’t give off the white lotus aura. Hopefully she doesn’t blacken. Also, before our adorable mc saw the potential of a scum dude (coz of his “tons” of female acquaintances I already had a bad impression) that was the ML that she passed by right? ><

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. I suggest for more improvement on your english grammar… But over all its a nice story. I can’t understand the story when im skimming so i have to read every word to understand. Thank you for picking this, i just fell in love with it!

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  3. I’d like to point out that all the idioms you have tagged may be idiom in the the language its is translated from but in English they are not


  4. Umm… I kinda feel bad pointing it out, sorry if I’m offending someone, but the title of the novel “addicted ‘to’ pampering you,…”


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